Friday, November 24, 2006

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Glenna and I had a nice day at the Allenberry Resort and Playhouse in Boiling Springs, PA (near Harrisburg) yesterday. I drove for our annual Hagey Tour there -- third year in a row that I've done that on Thanksgiving. It was nice -- some of the same people go every year. Allenberry had a great Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings, and then followed with a musical called "Santa Has a Sister." The only negative was that it rained almost all day, and driving on the way home wasn't too pleasant. But we made it safely and in good time.

Today Glenna and I are off to Baltimore to see Dad. Saturday I have a trip to NYC, and Sunday to Longwood Gardens.

Monday I'm off, but then Tuesday I start a very busy -- and unusual -- week, with six trips in a row to New York City! I average a NYC trip about twice a week this time of the year, so this is definitely not an average week. Five of the six are Hagey Tours, four to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular (the best this year ever, in my opinion -- I got to see it last week), and one to a Broadway show. The sixth is a private charter but also to Radio City. So by the end of the week I should know how to get to NYC! LOL

If you haven't looked lately, check out the Portraits gallery in my online Photo Gallery; there's a nice shot of Glenna I did a couple of days ago just as a lightlng experiment, but it came out so nicely I put it online. Don't tell her it's there. She never remembers to read my blog so she won't know. ;-)

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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