Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Today is Jon's 30th birthday ... hard to believe he's reached that 3 decade mark already! Glenna and I called him tonight, and unfortunately he's sick with a bad cold and was in bed already when we called. Jon, hope you're feeling better soon!

I spent much of the day working on re-creating my site. I liked the basic layout and what was included there, but I didn't like the appearance, so I started from scratch -- mostly the same information, but reorganized slightly and really spiffed up with an all new look. I'm very pleased with the outcome this time; check it out when you get a chance:

The roofer showed up unexpectly today (we were expecting him next weekend) to replace the roof on our garage, and by late afternoon he had completed it. There were enough shingles left over to do the small roof over the steps by the back door, so he'll do that tomorrow yet, and then we're all set for the winter -- we have to be, as that's all we can afford to do for now. I'm hoping we can do the roof on the rest of the house next year.


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