Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Dance

Glenna and I arrived at Brady's (Mark and Char) in Michigan just before midnight last night. We'll be spending Christmas here, and returning back home Tuesday night. It rained almost the whole way here -- miserable driving -- but traffic was light and the trip uneventful. Jon flew here from Nashville and arrived just a few minutes after us; Dave is flying here on Sunday, so our whole family will be together for Christmas!

The whole Brady family is home, also -- Mark & Char, Michelle, Melanie and Tim -- and Corey, their huge black lab, who I met for the first time. Corey didn't like me at first, but I think I'm growing on him -- he slowly wags his tail now when I pet him. Jackie Clark (Cal & Carol's oldest) is also with us for Christmas, and, of course, Mom and Dad Clark.

Tim, Michelle, and Melanie taught me how to become an elf and how to dance -- quite an accomplishment! I was so proud of my new moves, I've put a little movie online for you to view. Click here to see my Elfamorphosis!


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