Monday, October 30, 2006


Band competition at the Georgia DomeI'm headed home tonight from my Georgia trip -- four coaches, two trucks and a trailer, and, of course, a band ... and they are winners! There were 43 bands competing in the super-regional competition we took them to at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA, and they were competing at a higher level than they'd ever competed before. Their hope was to make the finals -- 12 our of the 43 bands would make the finals and have a second performance for the final awards. They made it! And they finished 11th overall in the finals competition. The kids were absolutely thrilled to have done so well. The competition was almost unbelievable -- I wouldn't have believed I was watching high school bands if I hadn't been so involved myself. Their movements on the field, the quality and difficulty of the music they played, and the lengths they went to with props and set design on the football field was unlike anything I've ever seen -- all for fifteen minutes of fame! In fifteen minutes, they had to move the band and all their equipment onto the field, play their program, and then have everything off the field for the next band to begin their fifteen minutes. Amazing. The photo above is of the band I drove, performing in the Georgia Dome on Saturday.

We left the Atlanta area at 6 AM this morning. I drove almost ten hours to Winchester, VA, where my relief driver took over and will take the group the rest of the way home tonight yet. I'm spending the night here, then taking a van back home in the morning. I'm off the next two days, then have day trips every day this weekend -- Friday through Sunday.


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